Claim Process

Claim process for TWO WHEELER Insurance:
How to Claim Your TWO WHEELER Insurance!

Here we bring you a few imperative pointers on how to claim your TWO WHEELER insurance, in any of the following scenarios.
Submit the following to your insurance provider at the time of Claim
·        The Duly Signed Claim Form
·        The Original Copy of the FIR, if applicable
·        Copy of The Policy Documents
·        A Copy of The Driving License with original for its verification
·        The Original Keys of The TWO WHEELER
·        Copy of the letter addressed to the RTO intimating theft
·        Copy of The Vehicle’s RC
·        RTO Transfer Papers Duly Signed Along With the Necessary Forms (Form 28, 29, 30 And 35).
Once the local police station submits the final no-trace which means the vehicle could not be found and the claim is approved, you must transfer the RC of the stolen TWO WHEELER in favour of the insurance company, hand over all sets of keys and issue a letter of subrogation to the insurance company. Although filing a TWO WHEELER insurance claim is fairly straight forward, it is important to do it properly or else the claim can become null and void.

When Your TWO WHEELER Meets An Accident!
·       Keep the copies of your insurance Policy and its related paperwork up to date and intact.
·       After an accidental damage, immediately take pictures of the damage to the vehicle or any third party property irrespective of whose mistake attribute to the accident.
·       In case of major accident or death or personal injuries to any one due to accident it is advisable to inform the Police authorities and obtain the police papers. File an FIR which is very important for the claim process. Filing FIR is mandatory in the third party liability claim and without it, to make a claim will be very difficult for you
·       If it is possible, if the other party has not run away, record the details of the other vehicle including the model number, vehicle number, make of the TWO WHEELER and most important the insurance details of opposite vehicle. These details will be required to file and get the claim smoothly.
·       Make a call to the representative of the insurance company you have been dealing with, at the earliest or you can call claim assistance team of INSURAX.IN and take guidance from the representative on how to proceed and what forms or documents will be required to support your claim. Present all the correct and validated information.
·       Fill up and submit the duly signed claim form to the Insurance company and submit the same along with the copy of the estimate of Repairs. Please do not commence the repairing/replacement of the vehicle till the damages are inspected by the surveyor deputed from the Insurance Companies.
·       Surveyor or inspection officials will be sent by your insurance provider to inspect and evaluate. This will include inspection and verification of the damage to the TWO WHEELER, examining the evidence of any injury claims, and checking the original registration book and the driving License.
·       The surveyor will assess the loss with the repairer and on completion of the repairs all original bills and receipts should be submitted to the Insurance Company for their processing of the claim.
·       If there is HYP / HPA on the vehicle then the No Objection Certificate should be obtained from the financer.

In Case of Theft of a TWO WHEELER.
(1). Lodge an FIR with local police station immediately without wasting any time.
(2). Call the insurance provider office and inform the theft.
(3) Write with Registered AD letter to the RTO (Road Transport Office) and inform the theft.
(4). Fill the claim form offered by the insurance company, providing the information such as policy number, vehicle registration number, RC number, date time and little description of the incident where the theft took place